"You breathe about 17,000 times a day, but your technique might be flawed. Slower, deeper breathing that comes from the lower diaphragm (or even better the surrounding area of the diaphragm) can help you relieve stress, lower your blood pressure and improve athletic performance by increasing stamina and reducing fatigue. Most of us are chest breathers, but developing a more focused approach can help you feel better day to day, especially if you're also exercising."

Benefits of Massage Therapy
Along with exercise, we also need massage therapy to release stress and toxins, and to relax tight muscles.
Massage Therapy helps with: Circulation, range of motion, and help with quicker recovery time from exercise.
Brad Walker, Founder & CEO of Injury Fix™

Meditation tips from Deepak Chopra

Self care

Self Care

Morning Pages

Writing Morning Pages allows you to release your thoughts on paper, all the negativity that is within you. It is written first thing in the morning, as soon as you awake. Before getting out of bed, reach over to your pen and paper, and write every thing that crosses your mind. Write what you are feeling. It should be handwritten; not typed (for you lose depth of thinking and unconciously focus on speed and how much is written or left to be written).

Writing Morning Pages can be considered as weight management, for when we write what is bothering us, we will not find a need to stuff ourselves with our feelings through food. We should eat to give our body nutrients and energy. Some of us eat when anxious, have resentful relationships, or is bored.
Writing Morning Pages is not the same as journaling. Journaling is done on a specific topic. Morning Pages is written raw and should be for your eyes only. So do not hold back.

Writing Morning Pages allows you to recognize and express your problems stirring within. As you write your thoughts, it will move to an action for the problem, and setting a process for those actions. This is why it is best to meditate after writing Morning Pages, for meditation should be done with a clear head.

“By doing early morning pages, you get all those repressed thoughts out of your system so you can live your life and realize that you are not your mind and you are not your thoughts.”

Inspired by The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. © Integrative Nutrition

Writing Morning Pages allows you to be the ultimate YOU.


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